Random Trademarks II

W.W. Norton & Company Inc. (Give Us This Day, by Sidney Stewart – 1956)

W.W. Norton & Company Inc. (Rivers in the Desert, by Nelson S. Glueck – 1959, 1968)

publisher-schocken-books-franz-kafka-the-complete-storiesSchocken Books (Franz Kafka, The Complete Stories)

publisher-scholastic-book-services-the-man-who-tamed-lightning-charles-proteus-steinmetz-floyd-miller-1962-1966Scholastic Book Services

The Man Who Tamed Lightning – Charles Proteus Steinmetz, by Floyd Miller (1962, 1966)

publisher-scribners-a-guide-for-the-bedevilled-ben-hecht-1944Scribners (A Guide for the Bedeviled, by Ben Hecht (1944))

publisher-the-dial-press-notes-from-the-frontier-hugh-nissenson-1968The Dial Press, Inc. (Notes from the Frontier, by Hugh Nissenson (1968))

publisher-the-jewish-publication-society-of-america-among-the-nations-three-tales-and-a-play-about-jews-ludwig-lewisohn-1948The Jewish Publication Society of America

(Among the Nations – Three Tales and a Play About Jews, by Ludwig Lewisohn (1948))

publisher-the-macmillan-companyThe Macmillan Company

publisher-the-overlook-press-while-six-million-died-1967-1983The Overlook Press (While Six Million Died, by Arthur D. Morse (1967) 1983))

publisher-thomas-yoseloff-brown-was-the-danube-helen-hilsenrad-1966Thomas Yoseloff (Brown Was the Danube, by Helen Hilsenrad (1966))