Bright Lights, Big City, by Jay McInerney – 1984 [Marc Tauss]

bright-lights-big-city“Open the drawers of your desk and you realize it could take all night.  There is a vast quantity of flotsam: files, notebooks, personal and business correspondence, galleys and proofs, review books, matchbooks, loose sheets with names and phone numbers, notes to yourself, first drafts of stories, sketches and poems.  Here, for instance, is the first draft of “Birds of Manhattan.”  Also the “U.S. Government Abstract of Statistics on Agriculture, 1981”, indispensable in researching the three-part article on the death of the family farm, on the back of which you have written the name Laura Bowman and a telephone number.  Who is Laura Bowman?  You could dial the number and ask for her, ask her where she fits into your past.  Tell her you are suffering from amnesia and looking for clues.” 

Jay McInerney