Astounding Science Fiction – November, 1946 (William Timmins) [Featuring “Mehwu’s Jet”, by Theodore Sturgeon]

Illustration by Swenson, for A. Bertram Chandler’s story “Tower of Darkness” (p. 78)

Astounding Science Fiction – January, 1946 (Featuring “The Fairy Chessmen”, by Lewis Padgett) [William Timmins]

Illustration by Paul Orban, for Lewis Padgett’s story “The Fairy Chessmen” (p. 13)

Illustration by Williams, for Ross Rocklynne’s story “A Matter of Length” (p. 118)

Astounding Science Fiction – January, 1944 (William Timmins) [Featuring “Technical Error” and “Far Centaurus”]

Illustration by Paul Orban, for Hal Clement’s cover story “Technical Error” (p. 7).  (Note the resemblance of the helmets to those worn by the explorers in Ridley Scott’s 2012 film, Prometheus.)

Illustration by Paul Orban, for A.E. Van Vogt’s story “Far Centaurus” (p. 77).